Here I publish some of my experiences, viewpoints, thoughts. What else? Plus some spontaneous passages that are better off caught in writing before they evaporate as if never existed.

All events and people are real. Some have their names altered, some have their real names. All places are real, but I cannot guarantee that my recollection about details is perfect. And of course as always with memories I’m certain that some parts of the reading are entirely fictional. Occasionally I’ll post a complete fiction piece just because. Do read these pages remembering an interesting fact that I realized some years ago – “Life is much more than a fantasy”.

Most pictures are mine.  Not all, but most.

I’m pedantic about spelling but I will be posting in different times of the day, different moods, and levels of tiredness, and so on.

While typing I’m trying to recall details, often quite a few of them. That’s how my brain works and that’s how each story meanders away and other stories emerge.

There will be light and fun reads and more serious, unusual, or even somewhat bizarre posts. It would be best if you read in order so you get familiar with my writing style, remote associations, and especially my habit of coming back to the original thought from an unexpected angle.

It’s all real. Here we go!