Cheese toast the right way

Expensive equipment needed: A skillet

Time to prepare: 2.5 min. Beginning to end.

Most important ingredient: Mountain Savory.  A Bulgarian kind.

To start:

1. Spread butter on the bread slices.
2. Get some cheese slices ready. * “Havarty” works well.  Bulgarian “Kashkaval” is better.

In the skillet:

The bread is placed in the skillet with the buttered side DOWN.
The cheese slices are placed on top of the bread.
Sprinkle the savory on the cheese.
Place another piece of bread on top of the cheese.
Flip the sandwich after the first side has been toasting for about 90 seconds.

Best practice:

Dip in tomato sauce. “Arabiata” is best – a little spicy – has parsley, garlic, onion, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper.  Make it yourself if you feel like it.