Roasted Tomatoes Magic


Time to prepare to put in the oven: 2 minutes (actually a bit less).

How? Easy:

1. Cut the tomatoes (the riper the better) as thin/thick as in the picture below.
2. Place in a lightly oiled pan.
3. Drip olive oil on each tomato slice.
4. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper, hot red pepper.

Roast: 30 min. at 360F.

What did you just do?

The result can’t be expected or described.  The slight caramelization turns the tomatoes very sweet. But the sweet taste combines with the salt and the spicy pepper and results in surprising final result.

Dip bread in the roasted tomatoes and see if the the world still exists.
Can add on top of pasta or orzo if you want to be super fancy.