A plan for you


September 16 at 7:29am ·

Here I go. A plan for you to make something right this the weekend.

I normally don’t do this like that. This time I reveal a little. Maybe I am especially worn today, maybe I am a little too delirious from exhaustion.

This weekend I will go to the intersection of Hwy 380 and 75. Behind the Race Track gas station there is a parking lot and a little park. It is behind the Collin College building.
There is a homeless old man that lives there. He has a wheelchair. He has a Race Track cup attached to it. He has a beard that has not been shaved in a long time. His skin is very tanned. He has no legs.

This weekend I will drive there and give him a good amount of money. A day’s work.
You figure out how much is “a day’s work” for someone that has the luxury to live in the “#1 Best Place To Live In America”. The word is not “lucky”. The word is “blessed”. Many years ago there were times in which I lived on $1 a day and hoped for a hope. Not sure you understood that last part nor I want you to understand it from experience one day in the future. And here it is – the plan for the weekend:


You figure out what stops you from doing what I will do.
Or… You figure out some other way to make this place “#1 Best Place To Live In America.”


Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. It’s your life. As a friend of mine says “I’m insensitive to your concerns!” 😀

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