Be prepared


“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” –Louis Pasteur

This morning I took this picture. Took me 1 second to do it.

I’d not have seen this feather if the dog didn’t need a walk.
I’d not have noticed the feather if I didn’t have the mind to see it.
I’d not have taken the picture if I didn’t have a camera with me.

You’d not be where you are unless others took you there.
You’d not have an experience if your mind is not ready for it.
You’d not register a valuable experience if you had no tool.

And it’s all happening right now.



You like this photograph because it is about transcendence.

Maybe you haven’t noticed – every day we try to become something else, to be somewhere else, to go to this place where we are what we really are. We do all that without much thought.

I’ve started to believe that by design we can not know what we can become. But we strive to get there. The truth is in some brief moments we do not need to strive any more – we have arrived. Maybe the secret to a happy life is to be capable of recognizing these brief moments. Because we can not see the big picture, at least not in this life.

While we strive to be somewhere else life goes on. As the saying goes “Life is what happens to you while you make grandiose plans for the future.”