Amazing me.

Amazing me… Here, see if you too do things like this:

garbagehead-copyI was listening to the radio. A guy was being interviewed. He said that one day at a ski resort a young woman was taking off her ski boots and exclaimed “I don’t know if I like better – taking these boots off or f*%ng.”

The guy could not come up with any response to that ugliness. To this day he could not find an ok response. Turns out he was a science-fiction writer. I thought “What an idiot. A writer? I can come up with about 5 witty remarks right off the bat. Here… here… here.. here… and here!”. I felt smart. I laughed aloud.

Then they said that the guy passed away this week and the interview was from some years back. I felt disgusted with myself. I mocked a dead man. Who’s ugly now? Then I thought “How would amazing witty smart me feel if the guy was still alive?”

I learned something today.
Did you?

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