Functional America


Functional America

This is you. Today you woke up when you didn’t want to, left with or without having something for breakfast, said “I’ll be late today” over hunched shoulders, and went on to make another Monday work. This time with one less hour of your life because of some shit called “Day light savings” with a long forgotten purpose.

You want to but you don’t like Trump or Bernie, or any other sick ambitious clown stuffing their mugs in your life every second, riding clouds trying to look positive into the future in either direction. You are real America – you get things done so you stay alive. You don’t believe in much any more but you keep going. Maybe you still manage to uphold some kind of lofty ideals as a base of why you do what you do every day. Maybe for a long time now you just go through the motions without thinking. You are a tiny part of America’s fleeting identity, its extreme weariness, its silent conformity to everything and everybody because of an endless list of personal reasons.

Today you will make America function again. You will ignore road rage. You will make it to the office on time and say “Great!” when asked “How are you today?!”. No one wants to hear about you spending the gorgeous bright spring weekend laying sick as a dog in bed. Today you will resolve a million of issues that nobody will know about nor care of they did know. Today, for a second or two, you will find a reassurance that everything will be all right in the eyes, or smile, or a jesture of someone just like you. Today you will send a text to a loved one saying only “How are you?” and be ok with getting the 4 letter answer “Fine”. That is all you can ask. You are Functional America.

How are you today? We gonna make it happen again?

I will. Between right and wrong.

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