The only normal person the park


Yesterday early on I took the dogs for a walk. The hope was that I will not see a single person. It is a week day after all and everybody is oh-so-busy. But there was no joy.

The sight of the dogs made a mother run over her own daughter (both where on bicycles) and a little good ol’ anger was released in the fresh morning air. Birds where chirping while the little girl milked the situation.

Two minutes later a briskly walking retiree decided to make way for the dogs. We had moved away from the concrete walkway but hey, the old lady had to also walk on grass because that is how you show you are nice in suburbia. The grass was wet and she tripped over herself. A little more anger infused the fresh morning air.

I abandoned the good intentions and looked for someone to pour some anger on. Here it was – The Genius; Tugged by a huge German Shepard a tiny woman was holding to dear life on a RETRACTABLE leash. Make sure to always walk your big, aggressive, poorly trained dog on a retractable gizmo meant for lap dogs. This time I let go a little anger in the fresh morning air.

The only normal person in the park that day was the guy that rode his bicycle slowly and managed to mutter an odd and shy “Hi..” passing by.

I stood by the dog waste collection. Looked at the few dog piles six feet from the container and pondered about my abnormal self trying to enjoy the morning. A nice, cool morning. But what did we all do to it?

Today I walked all alone and it was great. You can call that “anti-social”, and if you do I have labels for you too. I call them “Bulgarian praises”.

Society is always in balance I guess.

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