The brain YOU can change

An interesting person that I know posted this video on Facebook.  Apparently it was first posted on the internet just a few days ago.  I now like to think that for some people it had the effect that it had on me when I watched it tonight.

I can tell you why the video had a strong impact on me.  Or you can read what I wrote to the friend that posted the video on Facebook.  I’m copying my reply to him below.


There is one thing that you must learn today too – the fact that YOU can change your own brain too.  I have done it over the course of the last 3 or so years. I have to say that the first tangible changes become obvious in only 3-4 weeks.  It is a very pronounced effect.

If I did that at the age of 45 you can do it too. This is not about anything else but living a better life – whatever you put behind that term. As my grandmother told me when I was a little child – “If you want – you can.”.

You can too.

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