How to create art


One day, a few years ago, I had a wonderful time near a dumpster. Holding my breath, trying not to look at the streaks of unknown half-hardened fluids all over the container.

It was great until I found a magazine page with an advertisement that said “Nice to meet you” in big, white letters. At this point things got serious;

I found a way to attach the page to the stained dumpster. You can see the result above.

This was about doing something unexpected.  About creating something unexpected. Stepping into an unknown that you feel pushing from within you.

In this case it was as simple as doing something that you don’t think you will see in a place where you have to hold you breath and rush to get away from.

Not sure how that is art but attaching the page to the dumpster felt like something hard to describe. For a short while time and place disappeared.

Or maybe I had have just gone crazy for a few minutes.

Do you have a better idea of describing art?

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