Of dogs and people


Every time I leave my house I give the dogs some treats so they don’t bark their heads off as soon as I drive off. Not that in suburbia there are people after 9AM but anyway.

Today I return home and my big dog is in her cage, locked up. There is a dog biscuit in front of her cage. Outside of the cage. None of the other dogs had gotten it. Many hours of opportunity, but no – the biscuit is still there.


Yes, the big dog has big teeth. Yes she shows them to anybody willing to see them. Yes, it works even if she is locked up in a cage.

But the moral of this story is different from “Big teeth get you anything you want.”.

The way we are, who we are, goes beyond the imaginary cages that we lock ourselves in. One can not change who they are, cage or not. Never forget that.

See! You liked what you just read.

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