What you are about to read is extreme.

This is a real story of obsession, the importance of support, and living your dreams by proxy too. There are many negative things in this story. But the message is beyond positive – it is about the foundation of one’s existence.

The attached video is too much for most people. You are looking at a man that is only 20 years old. No, he does not look his age. Yes, he is full of steroids and other drugs you have never heard of and will never hear about. If your judgement tells you that this is the end of the story and to stop reading right here, click away right now. You are not going to understand the things written below.

This man is deadlifing 904 lbs. This is a weight you will never even see loaded on a barbell in your lifetime. You probably can’t even roll the bar with that weight pushing it with your foot. The man has achieved something so extreme that it is not understood by most people. Just look at the sparse audience – many of these people do not understand what they just witnessed happening.

Such extreme achievements happen if two things are in place – dedication that is a full blown obsession and a 24/7 support by someone in the background. Did you really think that fat guy here just trains his fat ass off and has managed to achieve the unreal feat that you can’t even process well? Watch the portion of the video after the lift – you can see a short fat man hugging the lifter. That man has made what you just watched a reality. This is the lifter’s father. There is hardly a video that shows the son and father separate. That is what support is.

With support from others you can lift 904 lbs and that will not be your best lift either. With support from others you can get your dream job and actually find happiness in your work. With support from others you can think of anything and it will happen.

Without support you will look for many ways to escape failure. Without support you will find many reasons to justify your failure. Without support you will dream, think, work for two, three, four, or more people. Because you are your own support. You are a one-legged table. You will be stable as a table with one leg.

Look at the people around you. Who is your support standing on the stage behind you. Away from the camera view but always watching your back. Who are these people? Who is this person? Do you have someone like that? A family member, a friend, another race, old, young, unlikely hero or a shining star?

Are you a true support for someone else?

I hope that you can answer those questions quickly and without hesitation. I really hope you do.

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