Joy examined under a magnified glass

Crater of Tzar Bomba, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created. Tested in 1961. Picture taken 40 years later.
Diameter of the explosion fireball – 5 miles. Mushroom height – 100 miles.
The blast circled the Earth 3 times

“We have to be able to hold fast, maintain absolute faith that we will make it while simultaneously facing the brutal truth; we might not make it. ⁣
…Give your best, control what can be controlled, and forget about the things that can’t be controlled. ” –Paul Sharp

A closer look reveals that it’s not just about “giving your best… and forget about the things (you can’t control).”

It is about accepting the denial that something exists while at the same time doing what the human mind does at all times – desperately keeping as much control as possible. Surviving.

Meaning that we need to live fully aware that we will have no choice but to suppress some things and cause frustration and pressure to grow inside us. And that we will be using other things to both feel in control and give an outlet for the frustration and pressure.

That is the essence of “finding joy” when you look at it up close through a magnifying glass.

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