The way it enters your life

All of us look at the flowers and the leaves. We forget that it is the roots that make it all happen.

You know how it works; As long as you persist at least a little AND are able to approach the same topic from a different angle. Only then things start to explode in your head like beautiful fireworks.

I’ve done that with geometry and math now – all my life I hated them. Not bad for someone that finds them to be joy at the age of 45 (that was some years ago). Same thing with electronics, electricity, and computer programming. Good for me but that’s not the point of this writing.
Here it is:

I’ve started to see that one thing in life you should watch out for is HOW something is presented to you. The teacher and his style or the book and its language. How something is presented to you literally has the potential to change your mindset – for good or for bad. To literally make you expand or contract as a person.

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