The Styrofoam Life


(Written May 14, 2014)
Today I worked in a brand new house that costs $1.5 million. Gated community. All trim (door frames, baseboards) was made of painted particle board, the concrete details outside of the house were made of Styrofoam coated with a thin layer of concrete, the bath tubs where plastic and surrounded by expensive tile, the garage doors were the same as a house that costs $55K. Simply put – this was a Styrofoam House. This is what our society values at $1.5M. Would you like for your family to have such a fake house?
A Styrofoam Experience?

I’m writing this because the Styrofoam Pattern can be found in many areas of our lives – both material and spiritual. Maybe you don’t mind it. But the result is a diminished quality of your life experience. You can do better.

Do you believe you can do better?

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